Anti Coagulants are mainly referred as chemicals or drugs that are basically used for blood thinning. That prevents or reduce the amount of coagulation in blood. Preventing the clotting of blood. It does not effect other functions of the blood like, capacity of blood to carry oxygen.

Anticoagulants mainly include novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs), heparins and vitamin K antagonists.

Reasons why you are taking anti coagulants?

Anticoagulants are used to prevent clotting of blood. It is used in the prevention of blood clotting in people who previously suffered from it or have abnormal history of having blood clots.

Common reasons why people take anticoagulants:

  • Abnormal blood clotting, clot in leg (DVT)
  • Clotting in lungs (pulmonary embolism)
  • Suffering from irregular heart beat.
  • Having an artificial heart valve.
  • Suffered from heart attack or stroke.

Precaution to take when under anti coagulants

  • Bleeding: When you are under anti coagulants medication, a small scratch can easily male you bleed. Regularly monitor yourself.
  • Pregnancy: Some Anticoagulants are not suitable for the female who are currently pregnant.  Use these medications carefully.
  • Surgery: If you need a surgery immediately, tell your doctor about that you are under this medication as it can be fatal for you.
  • Surgery
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